How to increase the number of live viewers on a video?

If you need to increase the number of live viewers on a video (live cam, chaturbate, twitch, etc.), here is a quick guide to help you:
First of all, you will need to activate the expert mode. For this, go in the "My Profile" -> "Modify" page and choose the "Change Settings" tab. Activate the expert mode and save the changes:
Then you need to adjust the settings of your campaign. For this, go in the "Settings" page of your campaign and make the following modifications:
- Modify the country choosing one in our Premium list.
- Modify the hours validity with the hours you are usually online (just choose 30 minutes if you want to receive all the actions you have in this 30 minutes. Choose more time if needed)
Then, modify the behavior of your campaign adding as many "wait" steps you want (up to 20). For example in the following case, the visits will stay 3 minutes on your live cam: