How to increase the number of live viewers on a video?

If you need to increase the number of live viewers on a video (live cam, chaturbate, twitch, etc.), here is a quick guide to help you:
First of all, you will need to activate the expert mode. For this, go in the "My Profile" -> "Modify" page and choose the "Change Settings" tab. Activate the expert mode and save the changes:
Then you need to adjust the settings of your campaign. For this, go in the "Settings" page of your campaign and make the following modifications:
- Modify the country choosing one in our Premium list.
- Modify the time zone (choose the one most likely to correspond to the hours that people will connect)
live viewer 1-1 Live viewer 1-2
Then, modify the behavior of your campaign adding as many "wait" steps you want (up to 20). For example in the following case, the visits will stay 3 minutes on your live cam:
Live viewer 1-3