How to improve my Alexa Rank?

You can increase your Alexa Rank using Babylon Traffic.

For this, you need to have your Alexa metrics certified. For this, pick a "certified Alexa Rank" plan here: Pricing starts are $19.99/month and are enough for 99.99% of our customers.
Then, create a new campaign that reaches your site in one step only (or more if you want to improve your bounce rate or time-on-site as well):
And to finish, modify in the settings the country of origin of the visits you want. You need to choose one of our Premium countries for this:
That's it. In three weeks, you will start to see your Alexa Rank going up.
For your information, you need the following numbers of visits to reach these Alexa Ranks:
- 3,000 visits/day for Alexa Rank 1,000,000
- 30,000 visits/day for Alexa Rank 100,000- 100,000 visits/day for Alexa Rank 10,000