What is "out of quota"?

On occasion, some of our users may have encountered an error message saying: "Your number of actions/day is out of quota".

What exactly does it mean?

It is actually nothing to be afraid of, and we will not charge you anything more for this. 

This happens when you configure too many actions/day compared to the actions actually available on your current plan. Basically, your number of actions/days exceeds the maximum number your current plan offers. To avoid spending more actions/days than what you paid for, we will then calculate a multiplying factor. It is equal to the total actions per day / total actions configured. We will then apply this multiplying factor to all the actions/days configured on all your campaigns.

Let's take an example:

In this example, the account owner has subscribed to a 6000 actions/day plan. However, after configuring its campaign, the user exceeded the maximum number of 6000 by quite a lot: 1000 actions/day. The system then has to apply a multiplying factor of 0.857 to all actions/day configured in order to reduce 7000 searches down to about 6000 (7000*0.857=5999 actions).

The multiplier will apply to all your active projects and therefore modify the number of launches for all your campaigns. This is done to adapt the number of actions to match the current plan.